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  • Sara Seoudy

What's New With Facebook Shopping in 2021?

Facebook has over 300 million monthly Shops visitors and over 1.2 million monthly active shops.

Now, they're making it even easier for people to discover and buy from Shops.

Soon, they'll give businesses in select countries the option to showcase their Shop in WhatsApp, to bring Shops products into Marketplace, helping them reach the more than 1 billion people globally who visit each month.

So what's new with Facebook shopping?

Immersive Technologies

like augmented reality and artificial intelligence to help shoppers find new products, and visualize items before they buy, along with expanding shops to Whatsapp & Marketplace. Two-thirds of online shoppers say that they want to virtually try on products from the comfort of their home. To help shoppers get a better feel for the fit of a product before they purchase, they're making it easier for brands to create AR try-on experiences in Shops through new API integrations with Modiface and Perfect Corp. They're also introducing AR tools for product catalogs in ads that will automatically show relevant products to people based on their interests.

Live Shopping

They're also bringing some of the biggest brands together to experiment with Live Shopping on with Live Shopping Fridays! Retail brands are getting all kinds of updates and features from Facebook in 2021, and it's apparent that Facebook is focusing on retail and shopping features nowadays with lots of new shop features coming to both Facebook & Instagram.


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