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  • Sara Seoudy

Is Reels The New Tik Tok?

There's been a lot of speculation as to whether Reels, Instagram's latest craze taking the social media space by storm, can replace Tik Tok, or whether influencers and content creators will migrate back from Tik Tok to Instagram. The competition is raging on, as Tik Tok continues to dominate the video content creation space, and Instagram tries to keep up, increasing the social reach for Reels quite a bit and offering new features and metrics.

So the logical question right now is did Instagram catch up? Will Reels replace Tik Tok in the near future?

Tik Tok is showing no signs of slowing down, with 689 million global active users as of January 2021. TikTok ranks as the 7th most used social network in the world.

The answer, in fact, is no. Here's why Instagram Reels is unlikely to replace Tik Tok:

54 large ad agencies and advertisers found that 61% of respondents said Reels wasn't an effective competitor to TikTok.

Social media influencers mostly agree that Reels doesn't have the bells and whistles of TikTok. And so, they typically don't spend much time on it. Many Reels videos have simply been TikTok reposts

And many of TikTok's most popular creators, such as Charli D'Amelio with more than 37 million followers have yet to post a Reel.

On Instagram, it's tough for new creators to find an audience, something TikTok ingeniously solved with viral challenges, song-based discovery, and the idea of the For You content recommendation page.

Furthermore, the various challenges and fun effects of Tik Tok make it hard to replace

Reels still offers a great marketing opportunity for businesses, especially with its high reach currently, we just don't see it replacing Tik Tok.


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