• Sara Seoudy

Five Social Media Tips & Tricks to Boost Your Performance in 2021

Want the lowdown on how to tune up your social media with minimum effort and budget? Here you go:

Use Canva for social media graphic design

It has everything you need, post and social media design templates in a variety of sizes, photo editing tools, fonts, graphic elements, stock photos, masking capabilities, you name it! You don't need to employ a full time graphic designer for basic social media posts.

Check out Ingramer & Flick

For a small payment you can keep track of all the relevant social media hashtags in order to further your reach and get to your intended audiences.

Edit videos in Splice

Need video editing? No need for a full time video editor either if you already have the raw material. Shoot your videos, import them into Splice (it's free), trim, splice, add music, effects, and post. Easy to use with a straightforward interface and all basic editing tools for mobile.

Try Facebook Mobile Studio

It's not Facebook product or tool, It’s a website that presents you with different apps you can use, and it gives you all the instructions you need to get the best out of them. It gives you great instructions on how to take photos, get your lighting right, do Boomerangs, etc.

Create filler posts

Finally, make sure you create simple filler posts to sprinkle your account with in between your main content posts like follower thank yous, reposts, client testimonials, quotes, images with simple text, etc. You will be surprised how many more likes and engagement you receive on these types of posts.

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