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  • Sara Seoudy

Everything You Need To Know About The Updates Arriving to Instagram In 2021

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Instagram is on a roll these days, literally, rolling out updates faster than we can update the app, and we're very excited about it as it provides loads of new opportunities to reach audiences, make money, analyze results and optimize Instagram performance.

Recently, Instagram announced new updates pushing monetization forward to help creators make money directly from the app, so it's only fitting they're announcing now new updates to insights along with the new features they've released recently that are transforming the Instagram landscape.

These updates are coming to Instagram Reels, Live streaming and account insights, giving a deeper and broader view of everybody's Instagram performance in a more integrated way.


Instagram will provide new information on accounts reached, total plays, likes, comments, saves & shares

Instagram Live

Instagram will also provide data on accounts reached, peak concurrent viewers, comments and shares

Account Insights

Instagram will provide a better view of how reels & live help or change an account's performance over time NOT ONLY THAT, but it comes as great news for us social media managers everywhere that Instagram is rolling out a new desktop publisher & post creator! On June 24th, social media consultant Matt Navarra reported it, and the browser publisher, complete with filters and limited editing options, is currently available to select accounts. Instagram has yet to release an official statement regarding this update.

So keep track of your new insights for better performance on Instagram!


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