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  • Sara Seoudy

Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Facebook Ads

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Facebook advertising can be a major push forward in your marketing efforts, if you're doing it right. Some common mistakes marketers make with Facebook ads are:

Wrong ad type/objective

Perhaps you didn't set specific goals so you're not sure which objective to go with, If you're having an offer or a sale on your website then pick the objective that aligns with people signing up for it like lead generation or if you want more visits to your website and page, then your objective is traffic, if you're trying to get audiences to interact with your posts more, you want to choose engagement, and so on. You wouldn't choose conversions for example if you don't have many website visitors yet, so make sure you pick the right objective for a) Your goals and targets and b) the stage your business is in, if you're just starting out you'll want to run a brand awareness campaign, for instance.

Only one visual

Change it up! Keep text to a minimum, use photos that are bright, colorful, attention-grabbing & aligned with your brand identity. Use video, research shows that users will also spend 5 times more time on a post that contains a video, get creative! Try using animation and motion graphics, change the creative every few days to avoid ad fatigue as viewers tend to tune ads out that they've already seen several times, besides this way you get to test several creatives to find out what gets the best result from your audience.

Duplicating your marketing efforts

Don't target people already familiar with you & have converted on their own unless you're targeting them with new offers or complementary products, or maybe follow up services after theirs have expired. Use only 1 type of audience to an ad set, for example if you're retargeting then one ad set should contain your page/website engagers and another ad set your lookalike audience. If your customers have already signed up for an offer, create a list of them, upload it to Facebook & exclude them from lead generation ads. Exclude audiences that might overlap from ad sets, for example, when you have an ad set with a retargeted audience, exclude lookalikes and customer lists, and vice versa. More information on targeting here.

Not refreshing your ads

Ads go stale and repetitive after a while and lose the edge that got people clicking on it as they scroll past the same thing again and again. Change up the visuals, the copy, the caption, make people curious again.

Missing Facebook pixel

This is a fatal mistake if you're running a traffic campaign (optimized for landing page views) or a conversion campaign with events you want to measure like purchases or adds to cart. You want to head over to your ads manager and go to events manager, connect data sources and get your pixel code, have a developer install it in your website, set up events for buttons, URLs and pages you want to track, a conversion or traffic campaign (with landing page views as an optimization) is useless without the pixel.

You'll find more information about how to set up, optimize and scale Facebook ads here


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